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Pueblo County 

Health Department

Another successful project with Kohnert Electrical Engineers, and Pueblo Electrics, Houlton Audio/Video designed and built multiple presentation, training, and paging systems for the critical work provided by Pueblo County Health Department.


The Conference Center features dual video projection systems that can operate as separate meeting rooms, or together as a command center.  The systems feature "plug and play" inputs from floor-boxes and custom lecterns, along with video teleconferencing capability (VTC) and media interfaces.


An Ultra Wide Band wireless microphone system enables sound reinforcement of board meetings, while sending encrypted digital signals to a recording device for legal transcription and regulatory compliance,  In laymen's terms, "there is some audio voo-doo happenin' at the Health Department!"


The paging system is ten zones, with telephone interface and emergency microphone over-ride.

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